CFWebstore has been designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible, but of course new users will have questions. We've provided a range of support options - from free online content and discussion forums to paid support. 

Support Forum - Have a question that's not answered in the documentation or FAQs? Our Forum is a great source of information. You can search the archives, get help and tips from other users, and we always try to ensure that every questions gets answered if no one else is able to help.

For custom coding questions or help with using the software, this is definitely your best place to go. Even if you don't want the daily emails from the list, it's highly recommended that users and any people that support CFWebstore installations subscribe to Special Notices so you will receive notice of any special concerns that might need to be addressed promptly.

Email - Feel free to contact us with question or suggestions through our contact form. We will answer questions as we have time. If it's not a quick answer we'll forward you to paid support. 

CFWebstore Blog - Covering everything from the basics, advanced features, marketing, and more - our blog is a must read for developers. Blog topics will cover everything from ColdFusion and e-commerce topics to tips on customizing your CFWebstore installation. Go to the blog »

Documentation - CFWebstore comes with a 150+ page user's manual with detailed information on all the features, setting up the software, programmer's guide, custom tags available and more. Available in PDF format, a quick search can often bring up the exact information you need. Download PDF

Review the documentation online »

Paid Support - We offer paid support through Nucom Web Hosting. From basic setup to custom coding, they can answer your questions and get your site running smoothly.

Nucom Web Hosting, LLC is now the primary developer and support provider for CFWebstore. Nucom has been designing and building websites with CFWebstore for years and offers hosting, design, and custom development services.  Learn More »