Version History

Version: Version 6.50
Released:Dec 19, 2013
  • Large cleanup of the code, style changes, etc.
  • Additional improvements to XSS scanning
  • Fix some false positives with the injection scanner
  • Fix an issue with records for basket value of 0
  • Added function for sending order links from external pages
  • Increase window for image/file uploads
  • Proper ordering of addons in the shopping cart
  • Updated country listings
  • Some updates for payment gateways
  • Can now use PayPal Express instead of PayPal IPN
  • Can now set the store to run either live or Sandbox PayPal transactions
  • Can now support sending order discount/gift certificate amount to PayPal with the cart details
  • Added Shift4 i4Go support and split payment support
  • Added CRE Secure support
  • Added support for void/refund actions for some payment gateways
  • A few fixes for Railo
  • Correct for BizRate export changes
  • Add Product of Day setting to product search and list edit page
  • Updated search for products to find scheduled/expired products based on sale dates
  • Hide products in hidden categories on Bizrate and Froogle exports
  • Correct the FCKEditor 2010 bug
  • Change the fckeditor directory name due to conflicts with a ColdFusion server mapping
  • Coupon codes now case-insensitive
  • Update to latest ImageCFC version
  • Correct error when sending email to users that ordered a specific product
  • Update all the store paths so that it can be run from a Mura CMS instance
  • Save user terms accepted at checkout
  • Order invoice now shows coupon code set at product level, not just order level
  • Include P.O. Notes for Drop Shippers on their order confirmation emails
  • Also always include the shipping data (even if same as billing)
  • New feature for admin to login as a user (to place orders)
  • Updated to latest USPS shipping API code
  • Updated server address for UPS shipping
  • Updated to new FedEx web services
  • Can configure the store to use multiple shipping types
  • Removed demo store images, scripts, etc.

Version: Version 6.44
Released:Sep 2, 2009
  • Additional updates for shared SSL
  • Some updates for custom checkout fields
  • Some corrections to user email functions
  • Hide/Disable the Remember Me function
  • Increased available length of the option choice names
  • Updated the DHTML menu functions for starting point and number of levels
  • Minor corrections to the login box page
  • Updates to PayPal transaction checks
  • Some improvements to version 5 update scripts

Version: Version 6.43
Released:Jul 7, 2009
  • Include custom checkout fields on email confirmation
  • Updated the SQL injection scanner to also check for XSS attacks
  • Removed InnovaStudio editor
  • Some additional security updates
  • Some additional areas and functions turned off for demo sites

Version: Version 6.42
Released:Jul 3, 2009
  • Correct issue with image lines not showing up if color is set
  • Correct category to properly be hidden when display=no
  • Correct bug in Linkpoint delayed capture
  • Correct the /admin shortcut to the admin area
  • Correct a small issue in the paging when using the product search header
  • Correct typo in redirecting for addon missing information
  • Correct condition setting in Bizrate Feed
  • Hid the setting for currency exchange, as the free webservice is no longer available
  • Changes to prevent running cfm files from any directory other than the root
  • Additional checks for uploaded files, that they are an allowed type

Version: Version 6.41
Released:Apr 3, 2009
  • Updates for Shared SSL
  • Correction to product copy function
  • Integrated new PayFlowPro HTTPS method
  • Corrections to PayPal IPN function

Version: Version 6.40
Released:Mar 11, 2009
  • Improvements to error handling for various XML functions
  • Secure information stripped when generating store errors
  • Updates to the user registration functions
  • Some updates for PayPal Express Checkout
  • Correct an issue with PayPal Express orders not showing in the order history
  • Affiliate registration email corrected to send affiliate code
  • Updates and improvements to the order export functions
  • Some changes to packing list printouts
  • Updated cart function to maintain order for options and addons
  • Updated order-based promotions to exclude the discounted item
  • Correct password reminder function to handle disabled addresses
  • Correction to the product copy function
  • Category access keys now assigned to associated products and features
  • Remove settings for saving credit card data (tokens only)
  • New settings to minimize use of session IDs on the URL
  • Entire admin now secured behind SSL (if used)

Version: Version 6.32
Released:Oct 2, 2008
  • Update link for the Color Tool
  • Update the functions used to scan URL/Form/Cookie scope for attacks
  • Correct a bug if deleting user from user summary page
  • Store will only send notes on downloads/memberships for orders that include them
  • Emails use different notes for downloads and memberships
  • Some updates so that the login form during checkout redirects properly with terms being used
  • Add voiding function after processing a test authorization on a user credit card
  • Correct error when a user deletes a feature or product review
  • A few additional fixes for Railo
  • A few additional minor bug fixes

Version: Version 6.31
Released:Aug 14, 2008
  • Correction for adding products when there are multiple registries
  • Corrections to Skipjack processing
  • Correct for using free shipping promotion with Intershipper
  • Correct problem with shipping date changing when order is updated
  • Correct issue with discounts when items with options prices
  • Correct issue with product reviews on some CF servers
  • Additional purchase of same downloadable file will add more accesses
  • Save PayPal orders that weren't verified as unapproved
  • Hide coupon entry field during checkout
  • Hide expired features in search results
  • Update directory listing to not throw error when no records found
  • Some additional updates for Railo support
  • Updated wysiwyg editor with new features (divs, encoded email links, etc.)
  • More updates to block hack attempts

Version: Version 6.30
Released:May 23, 2008
  • Updates to better align short and vertical product listings
  • Various fixes for Railo support
  • Correction to Bizrate feed for MySQL
  • Some corrections to the user add/update functions for manual imports
  • Corrections to automated billing features
  • Correction to validation for shipping state when checking out
  • Correction for search parameter of status being lost on order search tab
  • Some gift registry updates
  • Added code to toggle off the hot,sale,new icons as needed
  • Added code to image manager to prevent deletes on satellite connections
  • Added code to use for creating a manufacturer search function
  • Added function to delete all stores error dumps
  • Additional corrections for affiliates with no address information
  • Updates to detect hack attempts and prevent error messages being generated
  • Updated USPS code to not round off ounces
  • Update Google Base to include SKU (id)
  • Updated to last release version of qForms
  • Updated code to use compressed qForm libraries
  • Updates for support of MS SQL on CF8 servers
  • Updated related product queries so they can more easily be moved on product page
  • Improved code for order box to allow use of images more easily
  • Updated the currency exchange to replace the old web service that is no longer working
  • Updated Sales Summary Report to subtract unpaid orders
  • Modified image.cfc to write temp files to image directory
  • Improved function to reset session information for external visitors
  • Updated shipping estimator to show default shipping rate when using custom methods
  • Updated the product image function to allow images to be saved to a subdirectory
  • Updated to the final release of FCKEditor 2.6
  • Added links to the wish list and gift registry to the Account page
  • Added robots.txt file to prevent indexing of extra files/images/etc.
  • Other minor bug fixes

Version: Version 6.21
Released:Feb 28, 2008
  • Updated database schema function to work for MySQL
  • Correction for the expiration date passed for PayFlow processing
  • Correct duplicates in county tax report
  • Corrections for new hack blocking methods
  • Correct an error in the processing of memberships
  • Correction to the reorder inventory functions
  • Update for Intershipper, include a minimum package size
  • Updated code to display a full invoice after completed PayPal orders

Version: Version 6.20
Released:Jan 28, 2008
  • Correctly hide shipping table if turned off in custom settings
  • Correct typo on page for adding items to wishlist
  • Trim functions added in payment manager section
  • Improve option for deleting past orders to only show months with orders
  • First tax code is now applied by default to new products
  • Some gift certificate corrections
  • AutoEmail component updated to not override explicitly-passed email address
  • Updated the address forms to require the state selectbox for US and Canada addresses
  • Correction for saving credit card data for recurring memberships
  • Other updates to better handle recurring memberships
  • Correct issue with addons that are not whole dollar amounts
  • Correct some case issues with table names
  • Correct table name for deleting county tax
  • Correction to Linkpoint delayed capture
  • Correct the inventory marker if an option is no longer being used for inventory
  • Correct issue with multi-item promotions with promotion being applied too many times
  • Correct issue with multiple promotions for the same items
  • Correction to discount calculations when using multiple product discounts
  • Correct problem with some countries not showing up in country rates page
  • By default, the code to prevent accidental session sharing turned on
  • Added option to select order type when downloading orders
  • Add checks for valid emails when using admin email function
  • Update email contact forms to not display page text after form submitted
  • Improvements to the detection of hack attempts, to prevent errors being generated
  • Update to layouts to use a specific layout page for printing
  • Added new function to output best-sellers
  • WSIWYG editor update to latest version

Version: Version 6.10
Released:Oct 28, 2007
  • Correct error in shipping checkout if International orders turned off
  • Correct configuration for the WSIWYG editor
  • Correct issue with adding promotions on MySQL
  • Correct update of cached queries for discounts and promotions
  • Correct error on Sale template with categories
  • Correctly copy option choice order when using product copy feature
  • Correct payment options when offline orders turned off
  • Correct problem with changing drop-shipper setting
  • Correct error in Google Base feed
  • Correct product edit function
  • Correct problem with product breadcrumb paths
  • Added enlarged product image to product copy function
  • Update customer form for international postal codes
  • Updates to trial membership, to better handle multiple purchases on a CC
  • Allow capturing CC data when buying a free trial membership
  • Correct product display with sale dates
  • Correction for checkout with tax exempt users
  • Update product listings to show a link for gift registry if no orderbox used
  • Correct Registry link to add products if no separate store home
  • Update method of copying user's shopping cart after login

Version: Version 6.03
Released:Sep 12, 2007
  • Correct issue with automatic generation of gift certificates
  • Correct problem with member registration confirmations
  • Correct problem when showing quantity discount as discount product price
  • Correct headers on PayPal Pro files
  • Correction for single-item promotions
  • Correct typo on PayPal direct API
  • Correction in the MySQL scripts
  • Corrections for missing products (typically from googlebot hits)
  • Corrections for the database prefix support
  • Some database field type corrections
  • Correct error when deleting accounts
  • Correction for standard options that are not required
  • Correct problem with setting free shipping promotion on Intershipper
  • Some updates to features that use the old shopping cart ID method
  • Update to error dump counter to handle any extra files/directories that get added
  • Remove duplicate HTMLCompressFormat function from some pages
  • Update email confirmation for affiliate registration
  • Improvements to the search function
  • Some fixes for login functions
  • Some CSS corrections
  • Additional updates for BlueDragon
  • Additional corrections for Unix

Version: Version 6.02
Released:Aug 15, 2007
  • Correct some bugs with user delete function
  • Correct issue with custom shipping method types
  • Correct issue with feature reviews/comments
  • Correct issue with turning off options
  • Correct issue when adding more product custom fields
  • Added ability to hide page text on an action page (page templates)
  • Updates for PayPal checkouts
  • Minor corrections to Linkpoint processing page
  • Some minor style corrections
  • Syntax corrections for SQL Server
  • Some corrections for BlueDragon
  • Update code to be compatible with Railo
  • Additional functions for reloading admin menu after changes

Version: Version 6.01
Released:Jul 21, 2007
  • Correct issue with prices on options on some CF servers
  • Recoded admin menu to use Spry Accordion and automatic updating of counters
  • Correct issue when checking out if shipping page is skipped
  • Moved file download settings to config file
  • Added basic SES link support for pages
  • Improvements to spam handling on email forms
  • Correct issue when showing product without reviews
  • Correct problem if using standard listing for product of the day
  • Some corrections for page menus
  • Update product of day to not check stock amount if inventory checks not used
  • Fix FedEx and UPS registrations if user has no address entered
  • New functions for creating store menus
  • Update to latest ImageCFC tag with CF8 support
  • Update to InnovaStudio editor for special character support
  • Update to latest FCKEditor with basic spellcheck for Firefox
  • Various other minor bug corrections

Version: Version 6.0
Released:Jul 2, 2007
  • Built-in support for UPS, USPS and FedEx APIs
  • Support for rates, tracking and address verification APIs
  • Added ability to set a separate freight charge for products
  • Can set freight charge for domestic or for international shipments
  • Added ability to set package dimensions for oversized products
  • Can add weight limit to split orders into multiple shipments
  • Custom shipping methods can now be set as domestic or international
  • Additional new settings for more control over how to calculate custom shipping
  • Added In-Store Pickup option for shipping
  • Added a shipping estimator for the shopping cart
  • Added Residence field for more accurate shipping rates
  • Complete restructuring of tax system
  • Can set a "tax code" with the specific taxes that apply to it
  • Taxes can be set for billing or shipping address
  • Can set up a tax that applies to all users
  • Any number of tax codes may be applied to each product
  • Can display the tax with the product price and in the shopping cart (VAT taxes)
  • Tax codes can be cumulative (include previous taxes when calculated)
  • Added ability to set zipcode range for local taxes
  • Added county taxes with ability to link to specific states
  • Can set taxes on multiple countries (not just home country)
  • Can set a user group as tax-exempt and/or shipping exempt
  • Added option to add terms of purchase agreement to checkout process
  • Added option to skip address form during checkout if user has default addresses entered
  • New custom checkout fields
  • Can set custom fields as required
  • Purchase order checkout option
  • New javascript-based calendar popup
  • Added option to show order-level discount info on store pages
  • New permissions for products, allows for admin users that access only their own products
  • New quick-edit popup product menu
  • Product images now include original file name after uploading
  • New enlarged product image view available
  • Can alternatively set multiple large images for a product that will toggle when clicked on
  • New product import and export functions
  • Rearranged product directory
  • Complete restructuring of custom product fields, to allow any number of fields
  • Can now include custom fields in Google Base Export
  • Complete restructuring of product options
  • Can now easily re-order and delete all types of options
  • No theoretical limit on the number of choices an option can have
  • Better error-checking on options to prevent issues with inventory tracking
  • Added a calendar selector option for addons
  • Can now set a product minimum amount, and require multiples of the minimum
  • New gift wrap option for products
  • New gift certificate product type, to automatically generate and email codes
  • Complete gift registry function added
  • New file download delivery method (less CF-server intensive)
  • Complete restructuring of discounts, using linked tables and CFCs
  • Added new tabs to the Discount Edit screen to link products, categories and users
  • Simplified discount sections in the category, product and user admin areas
  • All option/addon selections combined when calculating product quantity discounts
  • Added new promotion module for additional types of discounts, such as "Buy 1, get 1 free"
  • More discount information saved with orders, to improve calculation speed and reporting
  • Coupon sales report now shows both order and product-level discounts, as well as promotions
  • Can now set an access key for discounts and promotions, to require a membership to use them
  • Can set a discount or promotion coupon code to only be used once per user
  • New function to automatically display a second currency for product prices
  • Moved a lot of shopping functions to CFCs to improve performance
  • Moved some layout elements to CFCs to improve performance
  • Updated the page text output to correctly append session vars to all cfm links in text
  • Orders can now have both a coupon and a gift certificate applied
  • Can use PayPal along with another online processor method
  • Added PayPal Payments Pro support
  • Added CyberSource support
  • Added encryption function for storing credit cards
  • Setting to use Search-engine safe links throughout the site
  • SES links can use built-in SESconverter or a server mod-rewrite function
  • Added breadcrumb trail for categories on product and feature pages
  • Added new shortcut link for Pages, also prevents problems when renaming some system pages
  • Added parameter field for palettes, allows easier reuse of layout pages
  • Improvements to color palettes page, new color selector added
  • New layouts directory to help organize store layouts
  • Moved all layout elements to their own files, to make custom layouts easier
  • New admin layout with a dedicated, cascading menu of admin functions
  • New admin homepage with sales summaries, pending items, version and news information, etc.
  • Added order search function to search all types of orders at once
  • Added function to search for orders for a specified product
  • Expanded ability to edit orders, can add or edit the products in the order
  • Sales report design and accuracy updated
  • New tax report that breaks down the different types of taxes
  • Option to print reports
  • Added function to export a CSV of store orders
  • Function to delete multiple site errors at once
  • Added field to link to a store map for Store Locator page
  • Changed store URL setting to prevent issues with incorrect settings
  • Can now save standard email texts
  • More control over store emails
  • Added basic spam detection to the customer support email form
  • Ability to set SMTP authentication (username/password)
  • New group/user permission page to set all store permissions at once
  • Permissions now stored in database rather than using fbx_permissions files
  • New setting to send the admin an email when a new login account is created
  • New affilite signup page to send admin information on the affiliate site
  • Admin can now easily remove affiliates
  • Affiliate report now lists only months with affiliate orders
  • Limit number of user logins per day or concurrent logins (good for membership sites)
  • Setting to lock user out if exceeds a set number of failed login attempts
  • User passwords now hashed for security
  • Added page to use to run scheduled daily functions
  • Updated pages to be more XHTML compliant
  • More use of Application and Session scopes to improve performance

Version: Version 5.73
Released:Feb 23, 2007
  • Correct issue with dates on gift certificates on MySQL
  • Updated affiliate report so customer record not needed
  • Updates to access key functions
  • Corrections to date fields on the feature list form
  • Correct the designation for billed orders
  • Correct recalculation on products with sale dates
  • Copy over category discounts (same level) for product when copied
  • Correction to the tag for outputting text when appending session ID
  • Correct permission setting and formatting of feature admin links on category pages
  • Correct confirmation order to include quantity discounts amounts
  • Correct the database schema pages when username/password used
  • Correct problem with email w/attachment page on CF7 servers
  • Additional validations added
  • Additional updates to prevent XSS attacks
  • Some corrections for shared SSL servers
  • Updated the headers to prevent caching
  • Upgraded the WSIWYG editor version

Version: Version 5.72
Released:Oct 12, 2006
  • Improve error handling if option list error encountered
  • Correct paging issue in SQL search function
  • Correct product copy to include all product categories
  • Correct the check for sales dates when recalculating shopping cart
  • Correct error in user registrations
  • Correct Google sitemap header
  • Correct error when changing a group-level discount to all users
  • Correct problem when user has blank permission string
  • Correction to the email update function
  • Better code for handling order processing links for different permissions levels
  • Some corrections to order reports
  • Prevent infinite loop when Members Only page assigned an access key
  • Removed unused FCKEditor scripts to prevent hacking

Version: Version 5.71
Released:Jul 29, 2006
  • Correct issue with deleting an inventory option
  • Correct PayPal checkout issue
  • Updates to image functions for Unix servers
  • Removed capitilization corrections on company field
  • Correct issue with logins if persistent login box not used
  • Correct problem with email confirmations when user is not logged in
  • Correctly set login variables with new registrations
  • Correct typo in Skipjack processing
  • Correct problem with PayPal order total
  • Updated Froogle export file to new format
  • Added optional PayPal Checkout file to send the entire shopping cart to PayPal
  • Update WSIWYG editor to latest version and remove references to older version

Version: Version 5.70
Released:Jun 7, 2006
  • Updates to user functions to improve security
  • Update to newest AuthNet changes
  • Move session variables to request scope for temp use and better security
  • Add Google Sitemap export
  • Update USPS Shipping to version 2 API
  • Improvements to the credit card on file functions
  • Add affiliate search to the users list
  • Automatically approve orders that are free
  • FCKEditor link browser now links to Download Manager instead of Image Manager
  • Fix issue with products selling for one day only
  • Sales tax report correctly sums tax for shipping, not billing addresses
  • Quickorder form correctly filters out products not for sale
  • Use of image order button on detailed product page
  • Correct error on the Contact Us email form
  • Correct problem with Verity indexing on CFMX 7 servers
  • Correct problem with printing features on Firefox
  • Correct problem with order-level discounts used with PayPal
  • Correct mouseover links when quotes in the string
  • Correct affiliate screen to not show voided orders
  • Other assorted bug fixes
  • Minor style and text corrections

Version: Version 5.64
Released:Jan 13, 2006
  • Correct error with account info in users table
  • Correct issue with admin menu options according to selected permissions
  • Added code to email forms to prevent use for spamming
  • Correct gift certificate calculation for international currency formats
  • Added javascript validation for user password verification
  • Additional javascript functions to improve user experience
  • Added check that user is logged in to run any user-related fuseactions
  • Skip inventory control for download and membership products
  • Correct problem with credit data sometimes being removed from pending orders
  • Correct some access key issues
  • Correct error in inventory checking when using options for stock amount
  • Correct a problem when using PayPal with a minimum order amount
  • Correct problem with PDF-style features on the sitemap page
  • Correct problem in express checkout function
  • Correct problem with default meta tags
  • Corrections to SkipJack processing
  • Correct shipping calculation for Percentage of Weight method
  • Added code to prevent the user's session from timing out if browser open
  • Changes to product photo gallery
  • Installed latest FCKEditor release

Version: Version 5.63
Released:Oct 6, 2005
  • Correct sizing issue in the image manager
  • Correct error when deleting options
  • Correct error in USAePay processor
  • Return to same category after copying a product
  • Correct problem with store-level inventory control and offline orders
  • Correct error with wholesale signups
  • Add addon prices to order reports
  • Add error check for feature ID on URL missing
  • Discounts calculated after any quantity discounts applied
  • Image Manager can now use CFX_OpenImage (included in Webmaster directory)
  • Image Manager can be used for flash movies
  • Installed final release of FCKEditor
  • Added Flash movie support with new editor version

Version: Version 5.62
Released:Jun 7, 2005
  • Correct calculation of ounces in USPS shipping
  • Add additional code to initial caps javascript to better handle some last names
  • Correct problem with option quantities with custom options
  • Correct error on accounts
  • Correct errors resulting from blank radio buttons
  • Correct errors in admin email function
  • Correct gift certificate calculation when customer continues shopping
  • Correct file path for froogle export
  • Correct error with affiliate report when address info is incomplete
  • Update image manager to allow PDF upload for features
  • Paypal payments now work same as credit cards for inventory management
  • Prevent uncancelling of orders to prevent inventory issues
  • Improvements to discount calculations to reduce extra queries
  • Add code to make sure session not lost while checking out
  • Installed latest FCKEditor release

Version: Version 5.61
Released:Apr 9, 2005
  • Correct problem with adding/editing Intershipper methods
  • Correct issue with category not being saved when adding new products
  • Correct issue with login ending on SSL
  • Correct product query when inventory control is turned off
  • Reorder error list page
  • Included latest WSIWYG Editor release

Version: Version 5.6
Released:Mar 14, 2005
  • Correct updates to category discounts when editing products
  • Correct all links back to homepage to fit Fusebox standard
  • Correct memberships to allow empty start and expire dates
  • Display error if problem deleting a discount
  • Display login errors when checking out
  • Include quantity discount in customer email
  • Disable date search on filled orders if other search boxes filled out
  • SQL search function now shows only 20 results per page
  • Correct image custom tag to remove line that shows in Firefox
  • Correct tax calculation on shipping state for foreign countries
  • Change admin functions to only use decimal formatted numbers
  • Correct database login issue with product image gallery uploads
  • Added a new, more advanced error handler with more security features
  • Better handling of various invalid URL strings
  • Add note to customer on PO shipping form
  • Add additional error check for valid parameters
  • Additional error checking in code
  • Added new user summary page
  • Added ability to add code to the customer receipt page
  • Added HTML editor to admin user email function
  • New quick-search fields for orders and users
  • Added a function to export product data for Froogle
  • Added whitespace suppression functions
  • Improvements to the express order functions
  • Improvements to email confirmation function
  • Improved checkout payment page
  • Change login function to correct redirect back to secure pages as necessary
  • More code included for stores that save customer cc data
  • Moved user permissions code to separate file for easier modification
  • Corrected various store comments
  • Additional coding on custom tags to support Bluedragon
  • Additional coding on javascripts to support Bluedragon

Version: Version 5.51
Released:Jan 17, 2005
  • Change Reply-to on emails forms so replies go to the email sender
  • More corrections to support new editor version
  • Correct problem with losing session when uploading images
  • Corrections to not lose session on J2EE sessions

Version: Version 5.5
Released:Jan 14, 2005
  • Correct issues with sort on product query
  • Correct some paging issues on admin lists
  • Correct some issues with features
  • Correct error when an addon display is turned off
  • Correct problem with shipping address entered when some fields turned off
  • Correct problem with offline order being voided removing inventory
  • Correct shipping rates on shopping cart page
  • Integrated latest FCKEditor version along with image browser/uploader
  • Changes to form buttons to support new FCKEditor version
  • Correct affiliate percentage with new signups
  • Redirect user back to non-secure side of site after failed login
  • Fix the Store Locator template so it can be used for a page
  • Save quantity discount with line item price for invoices
  • Make sure user is selected when creating a feature
  • Add ability to send additional message to customer when filling orders
  • Added alternate code so you can use images for the shopping cart buttons
  • Added store pages to the site search
  • Show button to fill order even if shipping was free
  • Correct problem with admin getting logged out on some servers
  • Added image manipulation CFC to use with Unix servers (MX)
  • More corrections for Unix support

Version: Version 5.4
Released:Oct 27, 2004
  • Correct problems with new coupon code form on the shopping basket
  • Added the go.cfm page for shortcuts to product pages
  • Admin menu will now show when memberships need validation
  • Make sure features only shown if current and approved
  • Correct user admin list to properly link to accounts
  • Correct problem with discount calculation when order is saved
  • Correct issues when USPS shipping cannot be calculated
  • Correct problem with users being able to change other addresses
  • Improvements to the email validation function
  • Added javascript to correct capitalization of address information
  • Added letterhead function for invoices and POs
  • Reformatted invoices
  • Added an Express order option for shopping
  • Improved image manager for selecting and uploading images
  • Improved color chooser for store palettes
  • Corrections to code to handle various color palettes better
  • Added email with attachment template
  • Updated Linkpoint credit card processing for latest API
  • Added Bank of America cc processing
  • Installed latest beta version of FCKEditor
  • Various code cleanup and corrections
  • More corrections for Unix support

Version: Version 5.3
Released:Sep 1, 2004
  • Set entire order management area to run off secure server
  • Corrections to some links to make sure session info passed
  • Make sure Product of the Day is a product available to all customers
  • Added a page with help on the CVV2 code
  • Correct some issues with users in groups that are not assigned any permissions
  • Correct problems in checkout if order allowed when shipping not determined
  • In-process and Filled orders now save the last 4 digits of the credit card
  • Changes to the inventory tracking to correctly handle various changes in order status
  • Categories not allowed to be subcategories under themselves
  • Added ability to create a selectbox category menu
  • Added a box to enter the coupon code on the shopping basket form
  • Corrections to the login function, to redirect properly in all store areas
  • If price turned off for a product, hide on the vertical listing page
  • Refresh shopping basket discounts properly
  • Add style to the logout link to show up better
  • Keep coupon active if checkout cancelled
  • Changes to order reports to handle a product name being changed
  • Correct user download function to work on all CF servers
  • Clear the user's realname when logging out
  • Correct issue with linking user with account
  • Correct some issues for Unix support
  • Correction for Verisign PayFlow Pro Debug setting

Version: Version 5.2
Released:Jul 28, 2004
  • Fixed issue with dates on feature admin page
  • Correct setting a discount on a category
  • Correct problem with paging through product pages
  • Change selection name for the default color palette
  • Allow list of features to be output without a search header/footer
  • Adding setting to turn off title on category and site pages
  • Added settings for home page to set number of columns for highlighted products section
  • Correct some styles and color issues
  • Changed category form to make sure user selects a category template
  • Some additional corrections to support J2EE sessions
  • Installed latest release version of FckEditor and the new beta version (supported on Netscape)
  • Added setting to the Fbx_Settings to allow user to use the new FCKEditor Beta
  • Added pages for configuring custom settings for FCKEditor
  • Other minor corrections and fixes

Version: Version 5.1.1
Released:Jul 3, 2004
  • Make credit cards required on Payment Settings
  • Use browser detection for search engines, to leave session variables off the URL
  • Correct error when user logs in after using quickorder form
  • Correct problems with product options/addons on multiple product pages
  • Correct error when deleting a product with quantity discounts assigned
  • Correct error when running delayed capture with Shift4
  • Correctly format all the text strings displayed on the status bar with javascript
  • Correctly copy discounts when copying products
  • Correct quantity discounts to calculate properly when items removed from the basket
  • Add code to settings page to work properly on some MX servers
  • Various other minor bug corrections

Version: Version 5.1
Released:May 27, 2004
  • Add status bar to upload windows (to see progress of upload)
  • Add error checking for shipping address if javascript turned off
  • Correct error if dropshipping amount set to 0 after opening purchase order
  • Correct SQL search to show non- protected products for logged-in users
  • Correct color palettes to allow removal of store lines
  • Correct problems with filled order search
  • Correct login functions when user has cookies turned off
  • Changes to text on address book page
  • Update error message for quick order form
  • Email form for users now allows use for different accounts
  • Show the user's real name instead of their account name on the welcome message
  • Add headers to store emails to prevent them being marked as spam
  • Added new error handler to automatically send error emails
  • Add large image output to store pages
  • Added $$$ ON THE NET (Shift4) gateway support
  • Various other minor bug corrections

Version: Version 5.0.3
Released:Apr 19, 2004
  • Correct error when adding custom addon
  • Correct error when canceling edit of an option
  • Correct error when using one shipping type
  • Correct error when submitting the error message
  • Correct incorrect form entry on quickorder page
  • Remove javascript checks for shipping address when state and/or country disabled
  • Include store pages in the breadcrumb menu
  • Correct issue when customer changes address when checking out
  • Correct error with product search on SQL Server
  • Correct Edit buttons to edit Intershipper methods
  • Correct issue with shipping address not being saved if changed during checkout
  • Pass product search parameters on page links
  • Fixed issue with product options appearing in wrong order
  • Fix Product of the Day to change product when refreshing
  • Fix Intershipper tag for CFMX
  • Change taxes to be computed on shipping address, not billing address
  • Updated to new version of FCKEditor
  • Corrected image browse in FCKEditor to work with blank store URL
  • Various other minor bug corrections

Version: Version 5.0.2
Released:Mar 18, 2004
  • Correct issue with affiliate IDs in the database
  • Correct error thrown by Access databases on some CF servers
  • Correct problem with login redirecting to home page
  • Correct problem with login during checkout
  • Correct problem with deleting admin users
  • Admin area will now not allow accounts with the same username and/or email
  • Changed cookie detection to work properly on secure servers with MSIE 6
  • Changed sesson cookies to only be set once
  • Correct error if invalid coupon or certificate code entered during checkout
  • Improvements to the sitemap page
  • Added password reminder link to checkout login form

Version: Version 5.0.1
Released:Mar 10, 2004
  • Use of cfqueryparam throughout customer area to prevent SQL insertion attacks
  • Recoding of search boxes and other forms on the page to prevent 3rd party javascript attacks
  • Correct field in the Order_PO table for SQL server
  • Correct admin searches to work properly on SQL server
  • Corrected the product search for new, sale, hot products
  • Correct error when editing custom fields
  • Correct errors on List Edit pages if exceed maximum records per page
  • Minor text corrections on various pages

Version: Version 5.0
Released:Mar 3, 2004
  • Complete redesign of code in Fusebox 3 methodology
  • Redesign of admin area and store look and feel
  • Roles-based permissions for administration of site
  • Addition of feature articles
  • Complete redesign of Order and User Management sections
  • Many, many additional features and settings added

Version: Version 4.8
Released:Aug 17, 2003
  • Changes to support Cold Fusion MX
  • Fix issue with multiple customer records being created
  • Add updated PayFlow Pro files
  • Update Intershipper pages
  • Correct rounding issues in shopping cart
  • Correction for free shipping offered along with other shipping methods
  • Correct problem when user is editing information and uses back button

Version: Version 4.7
Released:Feb 18, 2003
  • Redid Intershipper tag for their new API
  • New admin sections for Intershipper methods
  • Other minor corrections

Version: Version 4.6
Released:Jan 15, 2003
  • Corrected error when adding options
  • Corrected issue with non-rounded amounts sent to
  • Correct error caused by deleting an option used for inventory
  • Correct problem with shifting options when a product is marked as not for sale
  • Corrected problem with some product discounts not showing up with multi- level discounts
  • Corrected an error if user logged into admin area and then tried to place order
  • Add encrypted string for shipping cost to USPS shipping page
  • Output link for More Info even when no short description
  • Updated the UPS tag and admin functions

Version: Version 4.5.4
Released:Oct 6, 2002
  • Corrected security issues with viewing customer orders
  • Related products will now be hidden if turned off
  • Next "x" products now shows exact number left
  • Category long description now always displays on first page
  • More corrections to recalculating cart quantities
  • Other minor corrections

Version: Version 4.5.3
Released:Jun 23, 2002
  • Correction to the javascripts for adding options
  • Correction to checking for cookies turned on
  • Other minor corrections

Version: Version 4.5.2
Released:Jan 26, 2002
  • Improvements to the Verity Search function
  • Added reports to deal with products with option-level SKUs
  • Fixed problem with gift certificates
  • When copying product, displays original product name for easy editing
  • Various other bug fixes

Version: Version 4.5.1
Released:Dec 12, 2001
  • Changed method of cookie detection
  • Corrected error on SQL server when adding a user in the admin
  • Corrected error on SQL server when checking out
  • Corrected error when editing Country Tax rate
  • Corrected problems with Logout button in Admin area
  • Corrected error when International shipping not allowed
  • Corrected issue with basket recalculations on certain servers
  • Corrected various issues with discounts
  • Fixed font color on admin login page
  • Slight edits to header and footer to look better
  • Changes to temporary basket table

Version: Version 4.5
Released:Oct 9, 2001
  • Shopping cart and customer information now stored in temporary database tables
  • Removed majority of font tags, greater use of CSS
  • All session and application variables fully locked and scoped
  • Split Settings table into 3 different tables
  • Additional information given to customer for offline order
  • Ability for customer to create an account during checkout
  • Fixed issues when an invalid affiliate ID is used
  • Corrections to Linkpoint processing
  • Related products now correctly show up on Shopping Basket page
  • Corrected error when adding related products by SKU or Product ID
  • All orders now show up in order history when customer changes address
  • Can now delete products that are in orders table
  • Store no longer puts customer ID in a cookie
  • Store now includes features to better optimize search engine submission
  • Other minor corrections and improvements

Version: Version 4.0.1
Released:Apr 9, 2001
  • Page jumps down to product if required option not selected
  • Fixed problem with more than one discount in store
  • Other minor bug corrections

Version: Version 4.0
Released:Mar 17, 2001
  • Made custom tags for outputting page text, lines and images
  • Can now easily set the store to display columns of subcategories and products
  • Added Linkpoint card processing (requires Linkpoint CFX tag)
  • Added EZIC card processing
  • Setting for online/offline inventory control
  • Added related products feature
  • Feature to send copy of order to affiliate
  • Added giftcard feature
  • Added Delivery date feature
  • Customer can now view their order history from the login area
  • Invoices now show shipping date and tracking info as appropriate
  • Added additional email verification on order form
  • Added local tax rates
  • Added image preview feature to admin pages
  • Added ability to set wholesale prices
  • Added shipping by number of items
  • Discounts can apply to entire order total
  • Coupon-based discounts
  • Gift certificates
  • Ability to add description of option in basket
  • Textbox options can now require an entry
  • Setting for color of alternating rows of shopping basket
  • Added Product of the Day feature
  • Corrections to Authorizenet processing
  • Reloading shopping cart page now does not effect quantities
  • Entire checkout section now detects empty shopping cart
  • Other minor feature additions
  • Other minor bug corrections

Version: Version 3.1.2
Released:Jan 4, 2001
  • Fixed error if standard option added but not completed
  • Added ability to refresh application variables from the website
  • Authorizenet tag now properly sends customer's name
  • Several files now called on SSL server for increased security
  • Fixed error if shipto address is to country that shipping is not allowed to
  • Shopping basket will now just increment quantity rather than add new line when possible
  • Added Close button to cookie info page
  • Locked all session writes
  • Added some additional locks for database concurrency problems
  • Changed the Session.AddToken and Token to local variables (Token1 and Token2)
  • Other minor bug corrections

Version: Version 3.1.1
Released:Nov 20, 2000
  • Fixed security bug with URL parameters
  • Check for CGI.HTTP_Referer before using it
  • Added worldwide UPS shipping rates

Version: Version 3.1
Released:Nov 17, 2000
  • Fixed problems with moving categories
  • Changes to the Search Manager
  • Fixed problem when selective user search returns more than 100 users
  • UPS shipping now uses internal rate tables
  • New tag for Image width and height functions
  • Shipping cost now encrypted on URL

Version: Version 3.0.3
Released:Oct 5, 2000
  • Added option for USPS Shipping Rates (domestic only)
  • Fixed problem with options when out of stock products turned off
  • Couple minor bug fixes

Version: Version 3.0.2
Released:Sep 21, 2000
  • Fixed problem with copying products
  • Fixed various problems with product options
  • Fixed problem at checkout with SQL servers
  • Fixed problem when adding option choices to a standard option
  • Correct javascript errors when adding standard options
  • Corrected problem resulting from deleting a standard option currently used
  • Recalculate discounts after a user logs in
  • Added locks to all CFX tags
  • Changed header, footer and setimages pages to only use one page each for whole site
  • Sections of header and footer moved to separate pages to make easier to custom code
  • Use custom tag for outputting lines
  • Added option to not have any lines at all
  • Fixed problem with some types of UPS shipping
  • Delete function for shipping methods now works correctly
  • Added page to set meta tag information for site
  • Can now search for product by SKU

Version: Version 3.0.1
Released:Aug 6, 2000
  • Corrected error when trying to edit user
  • Corrected error when viewing product quicklist
  • Corrected problem with items not showing up in confirmation email
  • SKU of "0" now doesn't show up in email
  • Corrected error when saving changes to store lines
  • Fixed product manager screen when in category with no subcategories
  • Corrected problems with some number formats
  • Corrected issue with an option turned off that is used for inventory tracking
  • Fixed javascript error when using product copy feature
  • Fixed SQL Server error when adding standard option to product
  • Added ability to do shipping rates by percentage
  • Corrected various problems with affiliates
  • Other minor bug fixes

Version: Version 3.0
Released:Jul 15, 2000
  • Corrected javascript error when using category quicklist
  • Corrected error due to GetTickCount on CF servers that are seldom rebooted
  • Corrected error due to deleting a discount that is assigned to a user gorup
  • Shopping basket functions rewritten to minimize use of lists
  • Correctly returns user to category page when it has a start row from shopping basket
  • Correctly displays negative options
  • Store will not allow an order if shopping cart has been cleared
  • Order Manager now shows invoice number for stores using online processing
  • Orders table now holds actual amount of discount
  • Product options can now effect Product SKU
  • Option choices can be selectively turned on or off
  • Inventory tracking at option level
  • Can set an option to be required or not
  • Setting for order in progress versus filled order
  • Ability to email customer when order ships
  • Ability to email customer tracking numbers
  • Can now enter product number to go directly to edit form
  • Can now edit a customer's information in the User Manager
  • Improved reports
  • Changes to search engine functions
  • Footer correctly shows up when clearing shopping cart
  • Corrected javascript error that comes up when trying to move category
  • Prevent moving category under itself
  • Parent names now correctly set for subcategories after moving a category
  • New affiliate features
  • Can now send email to subscribers users, affiliates, or any user group
  • Can now upload additional images for use in the store
  • Added ability to use Intershipping shipping rates
  • Can set a handling percentage to be added to orders

Version: Version 2.0.1
Released:May 18, 2000
  • Corrected javascript errors when editing product options
  • Corrected problem with only one custom field and/or option being copied when copying product
  • Corrected problem with cookie remaining when customer logs out
  • Corrected problem with cookie not being turned off once it's turned on
  • Corrected problems resulting from IE customers having session cookies on but permanent cookies off
  • Corrected errors when customer enters only spaces in a required form field
  • Corrected problem with discounts less than $1.00 not showing up in shopping cart
  • Corrected problem with display of negative option prices
  • Added SKU to invoice in Administrator
  • Added display of Product number in Administrator
  • Customers now logged in when they create a user account
  • Credit card data deleted when order filled or deleted

Version: Version 2.0
Released:Apr 1, 2000
  • Corrected problems in Authorize.Net 3.0 processing
  • Corrected problem with editing a category from the Category Quicklist
  • Corrected problem when trying to view Product List when no products found
  • Added Paymentnet/Signio processing
  • Added SKU to email confirmations
  • Corrected error in options2.cfm page
  • When adding tax rate, states no longer show up if they already have one
  • Store now correctly adds base shipping when using UPS
  • Added ability to set a tax rate for the home country
  • Can now set a starting number for order numbers
  • Complete redesign of options, including use of standard options and unlimited number of options
  • Can now automatically display price with option
  • Added ability to create and use 6 custom fields with Products
  • Added cflocks for all writes to application variables
  • Added separate Sale and What's New pages
  • Images for designating Sale and New Items
  • Separate pages for setting images from application.cfm pages

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