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Aug 1 2019

Potential Hack

By Jon Summerfield No Comments

Are you suddenly getting the error "Element CVV2 is undefined in ATTRIBUTES.
The error occurred on line xxx." for offline orders when customers checkout? It might be a hack. 

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Apr 16 2015

New SSL Requirements

By Jon Summerfield No Comments

Vulnerabilities have been found in the commonly used SHA-1 SSL certificate. All major organizations are moving to the SHA-256 SSL by 2016. Some payment processors are moving in 2015 and if you don't upgrade you won't be able to connect to their websites. 

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Mar 24 2015

Customer order confirmation email being blocked

By Jon Summerfield Tags: email No Comments

Mail servers have become very strict. They try to vaildate every email they recieve. When CFWebstore sends the Merchant validation email after an order, it uses the customers email address as the FROM address. Some email servers are either blocking or greylisting these emails because they don't have the proper validation.

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