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This category has an HTML title and heading image which floats left of the title.

This category demonstrates how a category can hold both sub-categories and feature articles to publish online.

Note that this category has sub-categories listed first in two columns followed by articles. If sub-categories are listed last, they appear just like the articles (without the border). Putting Sub-Cats below allows you to use a category as a type of article... a multi-page large group of features or perhaps a columnist with a current and old columns.

This is a sample article

This is a simple article.
by Michael Frauenheim

Another Article

This is teaser text for the article. In addition, this can have a text title and photo.
by Author's Name

Test Article by Author user

A test of the author user and group
by Author user

Archived Articles

Another sample sub-category.

Subcat Press Releases

An example of a sub-category.

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