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Customize The Menus!

You can build custom menus in the Page & Menu Manager.

Custom menu options can link to their own page of text (as this one does) or to any URL you specify either inside or outside the site.

The Related Links menu shows how the Custom Menus can be used to link to an outside URL. We set these links to open in a new window. Also note that the "Related Links" title is not a link at all!

The Custom Menus are completely sortable both at the group level and within each group.

This page also shows the new DHTML menu features in CFWebstore® version 6. Samples are included for both vertical and horizontal menus, but you can easily build a wide range of menus using the components included.

 Please note that while the menus are completely dynamic, they are by default saved in the user's session, so if you add store categories or pages to the demo and wish to see them on the menu, you will need to re-login for them to appear.