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This is a list of some of the more important functions organized by site circuit. It provides a good overview of how the site is structured and helps explain the available functionality.

The site's root (default) circuit


Access refers to the functions that control the locking and access to site content. Categories and Features can be "locked" with an Access Key and only logged in members who possess the key will gain access to the content.

  • Memberships - index.cfm?fuseaction=access.memberships
    The list of your (the currently logged in user) memberships. A link to memberships is included on the My Account page.
  • File Downloads - index.cfm?
    The list of your (the currently logged in user) files ready for download. This feature is used to fulfill purchases of downloadable software. A link to file downloads is included on the My Account page.
  • Test - index.cfm?fuseaction=access.test
    A debugging tool to view the values of your (the currently logged in user) access keys. 
  • Secure - Called as a custom tag within templates to secure access to site functionality and content.
  • Admin - index.cfm?fuseaction=access.admin
    A menu of the Content Access functions listed below.
    • Access Keys Listindex.cfm?fuseaction=access.admin&accessKey=listAn administrator list of all access keys. Access Keys are created to "lock" site content. Keys are given to groups or individual users OR they can be "sold" in the form of a membership. Only users who possess a key can access the content locked with that key.
    • Membership List - index.cfm?fuseaction=access.admin&membership=listAn administrator listing of all memberships. Memberships are usually purchased by users for access to site content.

Categories provide a hierarchal structure to the site. A Category consists of a header section followed by a listing of content such as sub-categories or Products or Features. In fact, Sub-Categories, Features and Products can all be listed on a single Category page.

  • Display Category - index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_id=*
    Displays the detail page of the requested category.
  • Top Categories Menu - index.cfm?fuseaction=category.topcatmenuCalled as a custom tag on the layout page to insert a menu of top categories. Can be oriented horizontally or vertically using images or forced to text only.
  • Sub-Category Menu - index.cfm?fuseaction=category.subcatmenuCalled as a custom tag on the layout page to inset a menu of the child categories of the currently displayed category.
  • Related Categories List - index.cfm?fuseaction=category.related...
    Called as a custom tag on detail pages. It will list out all the categories that a product is listed in on the bottom of the product page and the categories that a feature is listed in on the feature page.
  • Adminindex.cfm?fuseaction=category.adminDisplays a menu of the Category administrative functions listed below.

By Feature we mean  "Feature Articles" or text content pages. Features can be assigned to Categories just like Products or be linked to a Product.

  • Feature List - index.cfm?fuseaction=feature.listFeatures are usually listed in one or more Category. However, this link can be called directly or as a Custom Tag on template pages to produce a list of Features. This page also provides the results for Feature Searches.
  • Feature Search - index.cfm?
    Provides a search form to search Features.
  • Display Feature - index.cfm?fuseaction=feature.display&feature_id=*
    Displays the detail page of the requested Feature.
  • Related Features List - index.cfm?fuseaction=feature.relatedCalled as a custom tag. On the Product detail page, this custom tag inserts a list of the Product's related Features.
  • Admin - index.cfm?fuseaction=feature.admin
    Displays a menu of the Feature administrative functions listed below:

Site Pages provide editing and menu for the Shopping Cart, My Account, Search, Contact Us, Home and other "non-content" functions of the site.

Goods and services for sale on the site.

Store shopping cart and check-out functionality.

Store customers and accounts.

Affiliate functionality allows users to sign up as a store Affiliate and earn commission on sales that come from users who are referred by them from their web site.

Site-wide search functionality is provided as a standard site Page and can be listed in the Page menu. Search results will include categories, features, and products.

The site provides the following email functions:

  • Contact Us Form - A "contact us" email form is included as a standard Page and as a catcore file that can be assigned to a category. The form allows users to enter a message that is automatically emailed to the site editor.
  • Tell A Friend and Email the Editor pop-up window - A link to the email/index.cfm page can be used on template pages to pop-up a window to either send an email to a friend or to the editor. See details on the page. This link is used at the bottom of the Feature page to "email page".

A customizable default error handling page is included that will allow the user to email the error information to the site editor.

To set the site up you simply need to do the following:

  • Set up your datasource on the server pointing to the database file in the database directory.
  • Update the database/database.cfm page with the name of your datasource.
  • Log into the store with the default Administrator username and password ("admin" for both) and go to Site Settings in the Admin menu. Update the site's url and other information. 

The site uses a few custom tags worthy of mentioning. These tags are referenced relationally and do NOT need to be "installed".

  • FCKeditor - The site uses the FCKeditor on the administrative pages. The documentation is included in the Custom Tags folder.
  • CF_aVarTree Versioin 1.61 - This custom tag prints out all the appliation, client, cookie, request, session and URL variables for debugging purposes. The sample default layout includes the tag at the bottom of the template. Appending "&debug=1" to any url will activate the tag IF you are logged on with Administrator privileges.
  • QForms - The site uses QForms to produce javascript form field error processing. The full Qforms information and documentation will be found in the Includes directory.